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Hovertravel helps Brainy Bunch to start-line for Great South Run


The Brainy Bunch flew across the Solent this Sunday morning to start The Great South Run on one of Hovertravel’s several extra flights, added to the timetable for this international gold standard fund-raising event.

Kathryn Grimes explains; “We have enjoyed support from Hovertravel since 2017 and by giving us ten free tickets for our runners, they are again demonstrating their community focus on local charities who rely on assistance from businesses in their neighbourhood. The Great South Run is a major regional event and we are privileged to have a team of participants raising funds for us today.”

The Wight Brainy Bunch was set up by Mark Grimes and his wife Kathryn following Mark’s diagnosis of a brain tumour in February 2015. The Wight Brainy Bunch supports the Brain Tumour Charity and Smile4Wessex, charitable support for The Wessex Neurological Centre in Southampton. This centre is where Mark underwent his surgery, and where many Isle of Wight patients will be treated following diagnosis of a brain tumour.

Neil Chapman, managing director at Hovertravel, adds: “Our staff and customers tell us that they appreciate our support for local causes and when we can, we are keen to facilitate free travel for fund-raisers in events such as The Great South Run. Hovertravel is committed to be an active and contributing partner for causes which improve the health and wellbeing of the communities it links across the Solent.”

For more details on the Wight Brainy Bunch charity please visit their website at: www.thewightbrainybunch.org.uk

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