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Revenue Protection



The purpose of our revenue protection policy is to provide value for money for all our customers by identifying fare evasion and handling this in a firm and fair manner. Our aim is to ensure that everyone pays the correct fare for their journey. We appreciate that honest mistakes can happen and this policy is aimed to stop intentional fare evasion.




Our Revenue Protection Policy describes the measures taken to minimise fare evasion on our hovercraft route and the consequences of failing to purchase a valid ticket prior to boarding the hovercraft.

The Policy, includes:

  • How we expect customers to purchase their ticket prior to boarding a hovercraft
  • What happens when a customer is asked to present a ticket and is unable to do so, or fails to
    present the appropriate supporting documentation (e.g., photocard, ID or railcard);
  • How we deal with serious or persistent fare evaders

The purpose of the Revenue Protection Policy is to ensure that all those who intentionally avoid, or attempt to avoid their fare are dealt with appropriately. We take fare evasion seriously and it is important to us that we protect our fare paying customers.

All Hovertravel staff are trained to deal with fare evasion and revenue protection. You can expect them to offer the highest standard in customer service and behave politely and with respect towards our customers, under all circumstances. If any customer is unable to present a valid ticket when
asked, we will:

  • Refuse travel or offer the opportunity to purchase a valid ticket at a full price, with no discount
  • Report the details to our finance department
  • Reserve the right to prosecute when we believe intentional fare evasion has occurred

It is the responsibility of the customer to buy and collect tickets prior to travelling in good time of the scheduled departure. Our terms and conditions clearly state how we expect payment to be made prior to travel. Please note some online discounts may not be available at the terminal. Tickets need to be valid for the date and time of your journey and you are required to keep hold of them until you exit the hoverport at your final destination, as they may be inspected by our staff at any time during your journey.

Customers who have purchased a ticket that has associated restrictions, and/or a discount, must ensure that they follow the appropriate conditions of purchase and present proof of their entitlement to discount where and when required by our staff.

We reserve the right to carry out unannounced ticket checks on all our routes to ensure that all passengers have a valid ticket.