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Experience a hovercraft flight this summer

Hovertravel has launched its Hovercraft Flight Experiences – a unique opportunity to experience a flight on a hovercraft and learn from a pilot how these craft work.

Loretta Lale, Head of Commercial at Hovertravel, explains: “As we are the only year round passenger hovercraft in the world we understand that some people will not have had the opportunity to fly on a hovercraft. Even with the customers we fly across the Solent in under ten minutes every day, we often get asked if they can have a longer trip so we have created a new product: Experiences.

The hour long session includes a 20 minute hovercraft flight when passengers will be shown how a hovercraft works and several opportunities to ask questions.“

The Hovercraft Experience will include: 360 degree turns, deflating the skirt to sit on the water to float like a boat and demonstration of the unique manoeuvrability of hovercraft all accompanied by expert commentary from a hovercraft pilot. There will also be a guided tour by pilot around the outside of the hovercraft whilst on land and the opportunity to take photos both onboard and outside.

Starting on Saturday 25th May, there are experiences most Saturdays through June, July and August, with a Sunday in both September and October. All experiences start at Hovertravel’s Southsea terminal with prices at £59 for adults and £35 for children. All dates, details and booking information are available at: www.hovertravel.co.uk/Hovercraft-Experience-Flight

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