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Apply for Appreciation Vouchers

If you are entitled to apply for appreciation vouchers please complete the below form and we'll process your application, once issued you'll receive a confirmation email. Your appreciation vouchers will be issued as e-tickets via your MyHover Account where you can use them to make bookings and check your remaining journeys. 

Eligible Tickets (purchased before 3rd May 2023)

  • 6 Month Season Ticket - 20 single flights
  • 12 Month Season Ticket - 40 single flights or add 1 month to the expiry date of Season Ticket
  • Flexi 250 Ticket - 20 single flights
  • 6 Month Hover Academic Season Ticket - 10 single flights
  • 12 Month Hover Academic Season Ticket - 20 single flights

Claims can be made within 14 days before the card's expiry date, or 28 days after expiry date. 

Appreciation Vouchers Claim Form
Your Information
Your Regular Travel Ticket Information
This can be found on your card or on your MyHover Account
S or B number found under the barcode of your card or on your My Hover Account
12 Month Season Only
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