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Hidden Disabilities

As part of our Hovercare service we recognise the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower. Supporting those with non-visible disabilities such as autism, chronic pain, dementia, sight or hearing loss. Wearing the Sunflower lanyard enables the individual to discreetly indicate that they have an invisible disability and may need additional assistance, kindness, or simply a little more time. 

Customers can choose to wear a Sunflower lanyard as an indication that they may require additional support, assistance or simply a little more time while travelling with us.

Visit the Hidden Disabilities website to search and plan your sunflower friendly day out. Our Ryde Hoverport and Southsea Hoverport are featured but you can also search and find other Sunflower friendly places. 

We can provide Sunflower lanyards on request, please ask a member of staff at our Ryde or Southsea terminal.