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It's Everyone's Journey

We are proud to be a campaign partner for the Department for Transports 'It's Everyone's Journey'. We are constantly making improvements where possible to ensure we are an inclusive and accessible transport service provider.

We ask all our passengers to be considerate to all those travelling with us. Not all disabled people feel confident using public transport so we would like to encourage all our passengers to be considerate of the following to help those around them when travelling with us, such as:

  • Within our busy terminals ensure the HoverCare seats are left for those that need them.
  • Do not block the wheelchair area in our terminals.
  • Do not utilise a HoverCare seat onboard our craft ensuring they are left for those that need them.
  • Being prepared to give up a Hovercare seat in our terminal or onboard the hovercraft.
  • Being patient and considerate to those passengers requiring assisted boarding on and off the hovercraft.

Our free HoverCare service is available for all passengers requiring extra help on their journey with us.

If you have any questions about our Hovercare service and you have any suggestions for improvements we can make to help your journey with us please email hovercare@hovertravel.com